Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A little more Organized every day!!

I am happy that today after months of thinking about it; we have added the blog to our site!!! Now you really can read along with me and hopefully your comments and questions will help guide the direction we go in. I look forward to hearing from you!

As for today I can only say it has been a rough one. So there, you see? Even the organizer has a disorganized and rough day! I love my clients, but let's be real we are all human so nothing is going to be perfect all the time. Today I have a client that is late in paying her bill. Apparently I haven't organized that aspect of her life yet. She is now hiding out from us. What do they call that?


This is a woman who is as sweet as they come. We had a wonderful time in her home and had become friends but now over 2 months later she is hurtig this relationship because she is disorganized in her spending or in her bill paying. That breaks my heart. And my pocket book! But that's a sad song for another day.

We all know money is tight for everyone right now, but if you have a bill to pay; take care of it or at least let the person know you are having financial difficulty. I would be happier to have the relationship than the money but it looks like for now, I've lost both.

The moral of this story. Disorganization is not just a messy closet it can also be a messy pocket book. And the effects can stretch further than you think. There is no greater disorganization than financial disorganization. So today if you owe someone money and just can't pay it, pick up the phone and let them know. You might be surprised how they respond and you will feel so much better!

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