Thursday, January 22, 2009

Getting Organized: Let's Get Started!

If you have been following my blog you can see just the mere mention of resolution sets you up for failure! But you know what I say? Start from wherever you are. Just start. If you really want something whether your goal is to lose weight or get organized; doing anything is better than nothing! One of my favorite quotes is by Calvin Coolidge which reads "Persistence prevails. Determination alone makes you omnipotent". Wow! What an amazing thought. Most of us never realize the power of our own determination to make something happen. One last thought for the day and then I promise my next entry will get started on getting us all back on the road of organizing!! A preacher appeared on The Ellen Show and discussed the power of our own thoughts. He suggested that if we take the last minutes of the day before we fall asleep to think of what we want and picture it as reality you will change your life. What can that hurt? It sure beats thinking about all the things that may have gone wrong that day.