Saturday, July 12, 2008

You are worth living an organized life!!

In the fall of 2005 Oprah wrote an editorial piece in O At Home about being organized. I, as you would imagine hold on to very little, but this piece I kept. In it she refers to Thelma Gordon, director of New York's Studio Museum in Harlem. Oprah writes about how impressed she was with this woman's ability to have such an organized home considering how small her New York apartment is and how busy her life is. Oprah writes, ". . .a woman with high regard for both her daily work and her ambitions sees to it that her environment lines up with that self-respect." Oprah goes on to write "Maintaining a gorgeous house or apartment is about respecting the very important person who lives in it. You."

You can see why I've held on to this. It's inspiring. It's the message I try to relay to my clients everyday. Choose to live better, choose to spend wiser, choose to love yourself. Ultimately getting organized and getting rid of the clutter is more about how we feel about ourselves and what we want for our life than just getting rid of some of our stuff.

More and more people are seeing the value of getting organized and learning to live with less. They are starting to realize that the only "Jones" are the ones in their head. As you make that choice it's also o.k. to get professional help. Hire an organizer if you need to or enlist the help of a friend.

It's not only o.k., it's becoming the new "IT" thing to do!

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