Thursday, July 17, 2008

Organizing Inspiration

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by a client's house and she brought me to her kitchen to show me a quote she had on her refrigerator. I don't remember it verbatum or who it was by but the message is a great one.

Man's wealth is not determined by how much he has but what with dignity he can do without.

Wow! Just stop for a moment and think about this. If this is the first time to read my blog you are seeing this theme for the first time, if you've been following along (and yesterday the yellowpage sales guy called to say he reads!)this theme is coming up again and again.

As some of you know I lost my home and all of my possessions in Katrina. Everything. I started over on August 29th 2008 with a 8 week old, a 2 yaer old, 2 dogs, 2 suitcases and 1 husband. My business dangled in the unknown.

The point is I lost everything and had the opportunity to look at all of the possessions I had and decide what of that was really important. And when March of 2006 came and I moved into my new house, I put in it just what I needed and nothing more. I realized how much of what I had before wasn't necessary. I realized what was important and that was living not things!

Look around your house today and pick out 10 things you can with dignity do without. Bring them to a donation place. Knowing what you need and what you don't is an important step in getting organized!

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