Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Organize to take care of you!!

I am overwhelmed at the to-do list. And the list just keeps growing. I am so blessed to have a thriving business in such a crazy world and sometimes I just need to remind myself how lucky I am. I love what I do. I am happy every morning to wake up knowing this is my job but that doesn't mean I don't need reminding!! And the thought occurred to me maybe you do too!
We get bogged down with money and bills, lists of things to take care of and not enough time to take care of them and we lose sight of what's important. You are important! You should come first. I remember my mom telling me when my first child was born, "Amanda, the best way to take care of your child is to take care of yourself." I just thought she was as sleep deprived as I was! But again (and I do mean again - don't you just hate that) she was right.
First, stop and take inventory of things that are going well no matter how small they are. Next look at your list of to do and make sure something for you is on it. Take care of you and then you will be better able to take care of the rest.
As always. . I am here if you need me and . . . keep it organized!
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