Sunday, March 29, 2009

Getting Inspired to Organize

A while back I was asked to host a day of education for Longue View in New Orleans. Always eager to talk with people, especially when it comes to organizing, I jumped at the chance. The classes were held this past week. In my 5 years of owning this company and in all the years of helping people get organized, I never had so much fun! It was one of the best days I ever had.
It was the largest turn out that Longue Vue had ever seen. Sixty percent had never been to Longue View before.
You know what this told me?
I'm not crazy after all!
People are more eager than ever to get organized. All of the chaos and unsettling mess of the economic world is causing people to see that we all need to get it together.
Most of us have been living a "laissez faire" life just believing that everything will be o.k. or that things will just work out. I believe that is how the current financial mess was created. The hands off approach that everything will just work out. There was a lack of organization. A lack of knowing where everything was and what to do with it.
And now we see the fall out.
This is playing out in the homes of millions of Americans who are now trying to get organized. Maybe for some this is a conscious realization, for others they see what is going on in the world but have no idea that it could cause them the unconscious desire to get organized. I firmly believe that it is.
People came to the classes this week with questions, pictures and a plea for me to help them find the answers on how to get their lives better organized. I hope we were able to do that.
Getting organized is more than just purging the things you no longer want, or rearranging the stuff you have. It is a change in the very way you think and the way you live. It is the forward movement into a less stressful and more purpose filled life. IT IS LIFE CHANGING. And this is what we are looking for right now.

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