Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Exciting news about Organizing Your Meals!!

Just like I said yesterday; I have exciting news that will save you time and money. There is a new online meal program that is revolutionizing dinner. And for only $36 a year! Are you kidding me? After I tell you about it you will see what a no brainer it is!
Some of you are aware that I dislike cooking. I would use the word hate but I tell my children not to say that so . . . My husband is an amazing cook and he loves cooking. However he hates trying to figure out what to fix and half the time we pick soemthing out and don't have all the ingredients. Needless to say it causes frustration; we run to and from the grocery too often; and we wind up eating too late in the evening and no one really enjoys it.
One of my organizers, Cassie, alerted me to this new online program where for only $36 a year you have an acount, log on and pick from a predetermined meal plan or choose recipes from their database, and then it creates a grocery shopping list for you. I thought it sounded great but I had no idea how great it really is. I signed up and got started. First, I can tell you it is very easy to navigate. Second, I think their recipes to choose from are plentiful and easy to make, and last we saved time that very day when we went to the grocery store. After I checked off the meals I would cook this week my grocery list was made for me. Another great feature of the grocery list is that you can uncheck any item you already have before printing your final shopping list and it will take those items off of your shopping list. I am a coupon clipper so I was able to look through the list and see what items I had coupons for and since I had just clipped them from the Sunday paper I was even able to choose recipes that had ingredients I knew were on sale.
Our grocery bill was right on target for our weekly allowance and I even had to buy cold medicine for the kids (the most expensive thing on the entire grocery list!).
Next came Monday's meal. We had everything we needed, we knew exactly what we were going to cook, and dinner was delicious! For me, this is a new must have and a life saver.
So now the best part. I called the owner of the site and told him that I wanted to share this amazing information with my clients and he has agreed to give all of you an $8 discount. $28 FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!! How could you lose? All you have to to is go to my home page and click on the link provided. When you are subscribing it will ask you for a sponsor code. Your sponsor code for your discount is AMANDA-13. It's that easy. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!
And stay tuned for even bigger news as we continue to bring you the best that organizing has to offer!!

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