Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Exciting Organizing News

I am so excited!! First, I have received so many pictures and responses from people who are working on getting organized and they all look great! Everyone is really doing remarkable and I just want to say thanks for the compliments on how I am helping. That's really what it's all about. As I have told those of you who have contacted me we are working on something huge!! Something that will really help everyone! I can't say just yet but I will keep everyone updated as we prepare for a May 1st launch. Due to this new venture I will be changing the blog information. I will actually write more often but it will be different. I have agreed to work with those of you who are wroking through the closet and on to other spaces through e-mail and if I have missed anyone please contact me. But for everyone else just hold on. Things are going to get exciting!! Second, I have found out about a new service that will revolutionize meal prep and grocery shopping and save you big bucks at the same time! I have tried this system myself and we are working on a special program to offer this service through our website at a discounted rate to anyone who subscribes through our website.
I know this whole post is a big tease and I am so sorry but believe me it will be worth the wait.
As always I am here if you have any questions and stay tuned, maybe even as soon as tomorrow, for the details on a service that will make dinner much easier.
Also tune in to Fox 8 in New Orleans every Thursday in March for our organizing "how to" segments. This Thursday one of my organizers Heather will be on to tell you all the ways getting organized can save you money. She will also be able to tell you just how much you can save. If you miss the segment you can log on to the Fox 8 website and look us up under Morning Show. Until then . . .keep it organized!

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