Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Saturday I wrote and told you that I had begun my own organizing journey and I would keep you in the loop. I am trying hard to keep my promise. Of course now that I look back on Saturday's post I can see where I thought the next day was Monday! That should be an indicator of my stress. Everyday is like a Monday right now.

I said I had 2 important meetings on Monday and I did. The first was for me. I have been suffering with severe acid reflux for 3 years now and no one seems to know why. I am 5'4" and 120lbs so the weight is not a factor. I don't drink or smoke so those were ruled out as well. On Monday I had an ultrasound on my gallbladder performed. Not the first time but a necessary repeat. I didn't write the blog that day because the technician performing the test let me know through her actions that she found something. Of course she gave me some song and dance about how she couldn't give out results but I wanted to tell her "oh, but you can do everything else to let me know you found something." Needless to say I didn't feel much like writing that night.

Yesterday the Dr's nurse called to say that they found fatty deposits on my liver. Another indication that I am an overweight alcoholic! I am neither one of those things!! The nurse was surprised when she found out that I was not overweight and couldn't drink due to GI issues. We are now awaiting a series of other tests to be performed. I will keep you updated. For now I am praying for God to send some Dr an answer or diagnosis or something. Three years is a long time to be sick. OOH but I am still organized!!! That's right. Do you know why? The same reason I have told you over and over. . . simple systems integrated with my habits and lifestyle. That means you can be too!

On to the next meeting.

Strategy meeting with "the powers that be". You don't know them and they will just remain "the powers that be" until later. Basically they are helping me with my goals and plans for my company. They are very good and we meet often. This meeting was to talk about the things we accomplished over the last month and look at the upcoming opportunities for The Amandas and The Clutter Prescription. It was a very exciting meeting. There are some great things coming along. We are revamping our segment on Fox 8 in New Orleans and there may be another TV opportunity in Alabama. During the meeting I was told that there are businesses buying time on news programs. I was asked if I wanted to do this. Ummm. . .no! I have not done that and I hope we don't have to (knock on wood). I left the meeting feeling good about where we are and where we are headed. I also left feeling very grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me.

So the day was mixed. A little good and a little bad. Then I was faced with a challenge. I have been ordering product from my vendors for a while now. I have a great relationship with most. I have been loyal to those that have been good to me and then replaced others that have not really cared if we gave them business or not. But there are a few that have a product I cannot get elsewhere and I am forced to stick with them. This bothers me. One of the foundations of my business is customer service above and beyond what the client expects. Customer Service is dying these days and I know how much I miss it. I also know how much it means when I receive it. I appreciate it and want to give my support to whoever is providing it. It's one of the reasons I love American Express. They have unbelievable customer service!! There is one vendor that I am really having trouble with. They have never shown ANY appreciation for our business and have been on occasion rude and abrasive. This day was one of those occasions. Now I have to decide if this product is worth the trouble. Isn't that sad? All because of a little customer service. Don't they know the importance? It just doesn't make sense. I am even nice to customers who aren't so nice. Why? Because they are customers! Without them I would not have the business I have today. Who doesn't get that?? Well I can think of one. Whether I make a penny from the client or $10, 000, I treat them all the same. That's a good lesson for everyone.

So you see it's been a very busy couple of days. Today I got a call about the possibility of a national opportunity for me and then a nurse called to schedule a PH study. Look that up if you don't know what it is, then write and tell me how sorry you feel for me!

Until tomorrow. . .keep it organized!

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