Thursday, June 18, 2009

Organize to make room for what's important

Things are busy and I am grateful! I battle maintaining my personal organizing daily. The house runs well, but the "to do" list is forever growing. This week my computer crashed! I went from a working computer to a black screen with a blinking cursor. I am a PC but I don't know how much longer I will be able to say that. I have resisted the change to MAC but this week Dell has really encouraged me to make the change.
On Monday morning I called Dell for the 300th time in a month and again I spoke with someone who I could barely understand. He spoke to me as if I was the idiot and 5 hours later I had nothing!! There seems to be no recourse either. I called Dell and tried to find a complaint department. I don't believe one exists. They said they were sending a box and that it would be here on Tuesday. Still no box and it is Saturday!! I am running a business people!!!! I can't even explain the issues this has caused. They have made me so mad. After I get this BOX, I will send off my computer and have it back in 7-10 business days??!!! Right. And who can go without a computer for that long? So you see the struggle this week has been great!
Dell could send me a new computer faster than this! I don't like companies who aren't "man enough" to have a complaint department and take care of their clients.
On Thursday I had a much needed break and went out to dinner with one of my clients and several of my employees. I can't tell you how much we love our clients. Once we enter someones house to help them get organized they become family. I can't explain it. I guess because what we do is so intimate or maybe because we're just so damn adorable!
Dinner was so much fun. Roxanne (my client and friend) has been such a great friend and is a lot of fun to be around. Patty, Cassie and Anne went too. We sat around the table telling stories and laughing hysterically. Everyone needs that kind of night. We are so busy running in the rat race that until something like this comes along and you are forced to stop for a second, you don't even realize what you are missing.

News Flash!!! You are missing the best part!

I was reminded this week by my sister and a friend, who both have children that will soon leave the nest, how quickly time goes by. Both of these women have spent a great deal of time with their children. But is there ever enough time?
I admit my business takes more time from my family than I would like. I am a perfectionist and I want everything I do to be the best. There is nothing like trying to be a mom and a business owner at the same time to bring you to your knees with the realization that YOU CANNOT be perfect. I cannot give my business and my kids all of what I would like to. I often feel that to please one is to make the other sacrifice. So the daily battle continues.
What I do know is that if I were not organized I would miss out on even more. many of my clients tell stories of how much they have missed out on due to their disorganization. It can be such a prison. Gosh!! Don't you see why I love my job. I'm not just out there clearing clutter; I am helping people change their lives!!
I must admit that my passion turned business was in the beginning just that, but now it's my life's mission to help people. I have sat across the table from moms who cry telling us how we have helped them to mend relationships, given them more time with their kids and changed their life. How could you ever walk away from that?? I am so honored to have been given this opportunity. My life is enriched in ways that words cannot express. So you see these families become my family. They are my friends and I love them. And my children . . . they are the reason I breathe.
If you are missing out on life due to disorganization, stop the cycle today. Make a commitment to change. We are here to answer any of your questions. Ask away!

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