Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Clutter Prescription: A Great Mother's Day

I have enjoyed doing not much of anything today. This morning started out with my husband waking the kids(is he crazy?)to have them make me breakfast in bed. I overheard the girls arguing in the kitchen and my 3 year old crying. I was so happy it was Mother's Day and he was going to handle this all on his own. After all he is the one who woke them!

After they got everything together, the whole clan came in with breakfast on a Diego tray, which from what I could make out was part of the argument. Apparently the baby wanted me to eat on the Disney Princess tray. She will learn, the same as I am still learning, that some things just don't matter. That is a hard lesson when you are a planner and organizer!!

The kids gave me a swimsuit that they picked out. I have to assume that their father knew what they were buying since he took them and they are only 3 and 6 years old! The girls had the idea that we would have a beach party today (don't know where that came from). That's how they got the idea for the bathing suit. Now, about that suit. This swim suit is black with gold beading. It is extremely low cut and it is an extra small. Obviously I told them I loved it!! Then after they left the room I looked at my husband and asked him what in the heck he was thinking!! I am a pretty conservative and plain girl. I am small but not extra small and there was no way I could be seen in this bathing suit! My husband laughed and walked away laughing and said "well I love it". I have no idea how I will decide to handle this but for now it is raining and thank God there is no beach party.

Today the organizer did not organize anything. I didn't plan anything to do or worry about how the day would play out. I just sat back and enjoyed myself. I haven't picked up a thing. The house looks a mess, but I have refrained from doing anything about it. There are times to organize and then there are times to just enjoy life. The mess will be there later. I will get to it then.

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