Saturday, April 17, 2010

Organizing the Organized

When someone decides to become an organizer, it's usually because they have been gifted with the talent of being super organized all of their life or they have learned the skill after battling disorganization and want to teach others. Either way, for those of us in this profession, it's definately a passion. This is no different with me. I am one of those people who has been organized since birth and I have the gift of being able to walk into a space and see the finished product. I see life as it could be. I am crazy about what I do and if I couldn't do this everyday I would go crazy!
There is a downside to being an organizer and especially one that is borderline OCD. I tend to overorganize myself. This is a terrible habit. I see and hear about all of the latest and greatest organizing trends and products and I get soo excited. I go into a client's home and do somehting new and great and suddenly I want to redo my pantry! This can be very time consuming and a little pointless. Organizing is an on-going process and you need to stay on top of your systems with purging and making sure that new items have a good system. I am all about that process, but I can really take that to the next level.
I asked my project manager and good friend Patty to come over and help me tweak my kitchen and pantry. (I may post pics so you can see how it looked when she got there). These 2 spaces are more organized than even other professional in my field would ever think of doing. But the tweak took 4 hours! Patty and I laughed through most of the process. We call this kind of project a "next level project". It's not necessary but oh my gosh is it awesome.
Recently we found out about the possibility of several people who would be looking through my house at all of my systems. I began to break my house into 21 projects and start attacking each room. Why?? Like I said I'm a a little crazy!! I love to organize and I want them to see the next level project. I want to lead by example.
I was reminded by my sister this morning that if they wanted to look through my house at this very moment, it would look more organized than probably anything they had ever seen. Isn't she so sweet!! I know she thought that would make me get rid of my list but umm. . . no.
I don't advocate this for my clients, but I do have some clients who come to me strictly for the next level type project. So. . . I help all kinds:)
Well, I must go. Time to close the store and get home to work on the project #4, the playroom!
Wish me luck.


Bless this Mess said...

Would love to see those pics. I so do just this myself. Your not alone

Unknown said...

I have never watched the show until today. There was this session of Amanda taking the slack girl for shopping while there was a deadline for a client. Do you regularly do that? Reward your worst employee? Wow, I wonder how much money is wasted by clients hiring you when you take one day shopping with your lazy staff while finishing a project. It must be the worst episode but I will not watch the show anymore. That was really a disgusting attitude and disrespectful for your other employees. Strange management but clearly should not be imitated.