Thursday, September 24, 2009

Have a little Faith

I surrender all! Now what? Isn't that what really bothers us? The unknown. I know as a faithful Christian I am suppose to take all of my problems, all my fears, all the stress and turn it over to God. It's after that. What do we do after that?
Obviously the answer is to wait and listen to the answers. My friends often laugh at me because I ask God for billboards. The way I see it, I'm not very good with the subtle and soft spoken hints from God. I need Him to shout it from the mountain top!

I am waiting for a billboard as we speak. During that time I struggle with my own fears and insecurities that can keep me almost paralyzed.

Although I don't suffer from the disorganization that so many of my clients suffer from, I can understand how they feel.

They feel overwhelmed, confused on what to do, lost in their own home. I feel the same way sometimes.

I started out as a Professional Organizer because I wanted to be my own boss and do something I enjoyed. Well, when you own your own business, everyone is your boss!! I do enjoy what I do, I love it actually. Being in the home of a client and seeing the difference we can make in someones life is very rewarding. I am thankful each day that I have the opportunity to share this gift with someone else.

I don't want anyone to feel helpless about their disorganization. Most people I work with can and do go on to be better organized. The problem people face, the biggest challenge, is backlog. How can you put your life on hold to catch up with all the things you didn't (or maybe don't) have time to take care of? That's the major challenge I see people face.

One of the obstacles that individuals with a back log face is understanding that they can't and shouldn't focus on the big end goal. What??? Are you shocked?? Clearly I must be crazy! Well, that's another story!

Let me put it another way. Don't look at a messy closet and think about it as one big task with one end result. Focus on the smaller details that will get you there. What about having all of your clothes off the floor? What about having all of the clothes you no longer need or wear out and sent to donation?

Each one of those steps will help get you where you want to be. Each step is a step to celebrate.

Don't get overwhelmed. Don't get paralyzed. Turn it over to God and then move forward and take the first step in FAITH.

A friend once told me that she raises her foot in faith that God will place a step under it when He is ready for her to take the next step. I love this! The point is; you have to raise your foot.

Get going. Get up and get organized.

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