Saturday, May 31, 2008

I promise to be better organized!

I should be blogging everyday, but due to my lack of being as organized as I should be I haven't. Or maybe I could put a positive spin on it and say that because I am so organized I have had to prioritize and the blog didn't make the top 100! In any case I feel that the craziness which is my life should be logged in some way.

Just in case you are wondering and before I continue; we are the best organizers in the U.S. and I expect perfection from all of my employees! That being said, last Thursday we unknowingly drilled a hole in a client's waste pipe and yesterday found out that it slowly flooded her laundry room. Like I said; perfection! Then my Birmingham project manager let me know that we would be replacing a printer for a client and not just because we are generous people! Ah, the perfection just fills the air.

Stay tuned as I travel to New Orleans with 3 employees to manage 3 projects at the same time, film a morning show segment, and interview 20 people all in one week.

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