Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A fall swap and a working mom

I started today with a client that wanted a fall swap. A fall swap is the changing out of seasons and tweaking of her closet. We built and organized her closet earlier this year and this a way for her to stay on top of purging and keeping up the systems. It also allows me to see what I am doing that works and what we may need to change. We never change much we're pretty darn good!!! This client is a dream, she stays on top of everything we do and loves it. Needless to say the swap went quick and at lunch I thought I would have the rest of the day in the office to catch up on paperwork. Not ten minutes after I finished eating lunch I got the call that working moms dread; my daughter is sick and needs to be picked up.
Now of course I'm not mad and at least I wasn't on a project and having to tell the client I had to leave, but it never fails that when some time to catch up comes your way so does something else!
Maybe that's my organizing problem; I like to schedule everything and this wasn't scheduled!
So today I would suggest to you all to put your organizing delimas to the side and evaluate what's really important and then tomorrow with a fresh eye we can start over and take it one step at a time.
I will be starting a home office tomorrow for a client. It's going to be interesting she has a great back story that I will give to you later. Follow along if you want ideas about your own project and feel free to ask questions. This blog is for you!!!

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